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Shisha Services

Proudly being a leader in the market of Shisha through our signature shisha tobacco blends. Our tabaco blends are prepared in-house from the finest, food-grade and safety approved ingredients sourced from Europe and Levant regions.

Our hookah sets and equipment are sourced from across the globe, and we only select those with the highest craftsmanship and made from the best and safest materials to ensure zero flavor contaminants to our signature tabaco blends. We have a wide variety of style, colors, shapes and sizes available to best suit and match any brand.

We also only use the highest quality disposable smoking hose made by glass and pure plastic (not recycled plastics) and only use disposables once to maintain a safe and hygienic smoking experience for your guests.

Through our dedication to quality and safety, our Shisha Services has become one of our most reputable services and trademark, making us the most sought-after shisha service provider in the market, making us the perfect partner for your Restaurant or Hotel.

We specially design each of our service agreement based on your business and offering:

  • Revenue Sharing or Fixed Rates

  • Zero Upfront Costs**

  • Zero Cost for Materials or Tabaco

  • Experienced Manpower Provided

  • Regular Service & Safety Training

  • Product Development

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Get the DISH DASH signature flavors and best service in your restaurant or hotel today 

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